Our Story


“The mountain calls to elevate our spirits”


For years we gazed up at the mountain from the fields of Great Country Farms and envisioned planting grapes on the sunny slopes. As simple "dirt farmers," our goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere and approachable tasting experience for our guests to embrace the fruits of our farm labors. We hope this mountain will call to you as often as it does to us to come to elevate your spirits with good wine and good company.


— The Zurschmeide Family


Our land is rich with possibility

Nestled on the first ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our tasting room sits 951 feet above sea level, overlooking the picturesque Loudoun Valley and our family farm, Great Country Farms, below.


Sip and savor the flavor of our home.

The elevation, sunlight, rain, and soil all contribute to the makeup of our terroir that we feel lucky enough to plant our grapes on. Our farm vineyard grows over 45 acres of grapes on the mountain, to ensure you are getting a beautiful representation of our land in every glass.




The journey to becoming Bluemont Vineyard.



The beginning

Farming runs deep in the Zurschmeide family. Our patriarch, Bob Zurschmeide, who grew up farming in Indiana, still says the money he saved to put himself through college was covered in peach fuzz.



our first virginia farm

The family moved to Loudoun County in the early 1970s and started a small homestead farm in Lincoln, Virginia. Following that, they leased up to 400 acres across the county to grow sweet corn, mums, pumpkins, and vegetables for the original family farm market, Fruit of the Vine, in Leesburg.



putting down our roots in bluemont, virginia

As the family and Loudoun County grew, moving farming equipment in traffic created a huge challenge, so the family purchased a farm in Bluemont, Virginia, in 1993, which is now home to Great Country Farms. As the Zurschmeide family nurtured the soil back into production, we often gazed at the mountain above, envisioning grapes and orchards. The opportunity to realize this dream came true when the family was able to purchase the 100 acres that is now home to Bluemont Vineyard.



bluemont vineyard was established

Bluemont Vineyard was established in 2007 when the first grape vines came into full production and now grows over ten varietals of grapes, including Viognier, Norton, and Cabernet Franc.




As you sip wine in our tasting room or outside on our expansive patio, it is our hope that our farming roots ring true in each vintage, and that you fall in love with this Virginia terroir, just as we have.


Come experience Virginia wine at Bluemont Vineyard.

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